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“Experience the Adirondacks”

With the goal of helping students to become more physically active, this is for teachers of any subject matter and grade level who would like to incorporate outdoor recreation into their curriculum. Co-presented by the ACP and Adirondack Mountain Club.

Workshop Formats

Workshops can be 1/2 day, full day, or multiple days, during the school year or in the summer. It is recommended that they be conducted over 2 days, which do not have to be consecutive. Like students, teachers achieve higher levels of success when they have time to practice, collaborate, and reflect upon new material. Contact the ACP to find out about costs.

Classroom computer labs or laptops with wireless internet access are desirable so that teachers can take advantage of the resources on the ACP web site and use the online “Adirondack Challenge” template. Completed challenges will be put on the ACP web site with the opportunity to revise after use in the classroom. The ACP reserves the right to reserve and edit challenges.

Workshops can be custom tailored for individual schools or groups and specific content area teachers.