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ADK Curriculum project

The Adirondack Curriculum Project has successfully conducted workshops for K-12 teachers in Newcomb, Tupper Lake, Paul Smiths, Raquette Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake George.

Adirondacks Mountains

Our workshops are hands-on, collaborative, and model the “Adirondack Challenge.” We provide experienced presenters, resource people, and teacher facilitators. Our goal is for each participant to leave with a challenge to use in the classroom that will both meet NYS Learning Standards,prepare students for assessments, and help students learn about the Adirondacks.

Adirondacks summer camp located in the mountains outside Lake Placid, NY


Educational Resources

Adirondack Teacher Center

Adirondack mountain ranges are the mountain ranges in the Adirondack Park, located in the northeastern part of New York, United States. These mountain ranges are sustainable for camps, workshops and conducting various events.

Adirondack Research Consortium

Adirondack Research Consortium was established to bring various organizations together and help build and maintain the park in an elegant fashion. People that are involved in this field include the ones from various sectors like business, local and state government movements, farmers, foresters, local citizens and teachers.

Northern Forest Center

It is a community that is raised to invest and partner in creating possibilities for thriving in the Northern forest communities. The centre was established in 1997, and since then it has been an excellent sector for strengthen economic opportunities, maintain environmental resiliency across the mountain ranges.



Whiteface Visitors Bureau

Lake Placid

Saranac Lake

The website provided me with all the pertinent information and the pictures shown here are the same as what I saw in the destination.
Richard D. Flint

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