Invasive Species of New York State
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Grade: 9th Grade
Class: Living Environment
Author: Heather Randall
NYS Content Area Standard:
Math, Science & Technology:
NYS Interdisciplinary Standard:
Adirondack Curriculum Content Area:
Natural History
Keywords: invasive species, brochure
The Challenge:
Investigative Question or Issue: What are the issues involving Invasive Species in New York State?
The Challenge:

After completing research, students will create a bi-fold brochure that will demonstrate the important aspects of Invasive Species in New York State for someone that does not have any knowledge of the species. Each member of the group will be required to find an article in the library about the Invasive Species, read it and use it as a resource for the final brochure. The title page (including the abstract) of each article needs to be copied and handed in with the brochure.

A paper copy of the brochure needs to be completed and approved before the brochure is started in Microsoft Publisher or a similar application.

Each member of the group will be required to complete a notes page from the computer for any information obtained from the internet – the notes page needs to be submitted to the drop box by ____________________.

Each group will present their research to the class on _______________________

The brochures from each class will be judged by a faculty panel seeking the best brochures – only one of each species will be selected….be sure to do your best to win the competition!! 

Project supported in part by the New York State Museum Biodiversity Research Institute

Quality Standards:

Product: Bi-fold Brochure


  • Creative
  • Visually appealing and attractive
  • Represents the invasive species to someone who may not have any knowledge of that plant


  • Includes pictures of the invasive species
  • Includes a map of where the invasive species is found in New York State
  • Answers the following questions:
    • Where is the invasive species found in New York State?
    • Where did the invasive species originate from?
    • Are there any natural predators for the invasive species in its native habitat?
    • How and When did the invasive species get to the United States? 
    • What type of habitat does the Invasive Species prefer? 
    • What kind of impact (positive or negative) does the invasive species have on their new environment?
    • Are the invasive species successful in their new environment…if so, why…if not, why not?
    • Do any organisms benefit from the presence of the invasive species…if so, how…if not, why not?
    • Is there a method in place to remove the invasive species…if so, what is it…if not, are they working on one?
  • Includes the following vocabulary (in the appropriate place): competition, native species, biological control, impact, importation, biodiversity, natural resources, habitat
  • Includes a list of sources the information was obtained from

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