Fantastic Fungus Fun
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Grade: 6th Grade
Class: Art, English Language Arts
Author: Kathleen Lefebvre
NYS Content Area Standard:
The Arts:
Standard 2: Knowing and Using Arts Materials & Resources
NYS Interdisciplinary Standard:
English Language Arts:
Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding
Adirondack Curriculum Content Area:
Natural HistoryCulture & The Arts
Performance Indicators:


  • Science: Life Sciences
  • Language Arts: Listening & Speaking
  • Arts: Understands & Applies Media, Techniques & Processses
Keywords: fungus, classification
The Challenge:
Investigative Question or Issue: How does a tree fungus fit into the scientific classification of living things and how can you use a tree fungus to create a work of art?
The Challenge:
  • Research the classification of living things and then complete the classification activity.
  • Describe the characteristics of fungi and distinguish between the four main groups of fungi.
  • Read a packet on fungi and complete the questions. 
  • Working with Adirondack artist Nellie Staves, learn how to select a tree fungus that is acceptabe for use as a canvas for an Adirondack wildlife drawing.
  • Mrs. Staves will show the method that you use when drawing on a fungus and will give instructions on drawing wildlife. 
  • Create a drawing of an animal, bird or fish of the Adirondacks on a model of a fungus made from clay.
  • Display your work in a creative manner with an Adirondack theme using various materials which will be provided.

Examples of Student Work

Arts Forever Wild 2: Adirondack Artists-in-Residence Project

Quality Standards:
  • Read the packet on fungi and complete the research questions.
  • Share the information from your research with your discussion group ( 4 students to a group)
  • Prepare for Mrs. Staves' visitation by selecting an animal, bird, or fish that is found in the Adirondacks and do research on it.  You may make your selection from the list provided,
  • Listen to Mrs. Staves as she gives her presentation.
  • Do a preliminary drawing of your Adirondack wildlife with the help of Mrs. Staves.
  • Make a model of a fungus out of clay.
  • Draw on the fungus in pencil and go over with a brown sharpie.
  • Display your Adirondack drawing in a creative manner.
Product Quality Checklist
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Standard/Criteria: Points Possible: Points Awarded:

Completed research sheet on fungi

  • Correct classification of fungi
  • Listed characteritics of fungi
  • Distinguised between the four types of fungi
  • Participated in discussion group


Preparation for presentation

  • Choose an Adirondack creature you wish to draw and research it.
  • Do a preliminary drawing


 Final piece of artwork

  • Accurate drawing
  • Neatly done
  • Display is creative


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