"Come to the Mountains" Brochure
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Grade: 9th - 12th grade
Class: Studio in Art
Author: Marsha LaPointe
NYS Content Area Standard:
The Arts:
Standard 1: Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts
NYS Interdisciplinary Standard:
Adirondack Curriculum Content Area:
EconomyCulture & The Arts
Performance Indicators:

Visual Arts 1: demonstrate an increasing level of competence in using the elements and principles of art to create art works for public exhibition (c)

The Challenge:
Investigative Question or Issue: Why would someone be interested in living or visiting the Adirondacks? Why would the history, location, recreational possibilities and beauty entice them ?

This challenge could  be done on it's own but is created to be used following the Adirondack Great Camp challenge and is part of the continuum of learning about the Adirondacks.

 ** Use of the Great Camp Sagamore brochure is greatly supportive of this challenge and will give students a visual example of the product they will be creating.  Contact Great Camp Sagamore for copies of their brochure to pass out to students.

The Challenge:

Design a brochure that would entice a viewer to want to come and live in the Adirondacks and stay at the "camp" you have designed . The 9x12' paper should be folded in a unique and interesting way and include the following:

1. A name for your camp.  Students should investigate the history behind the names of the Adirondack Great Camps. " What do the names mean and why were they chosen ?"

2. A photo or illustration of a camp designed by the student. If students have already designed and constructed a three dimensional camp , camps may be photographed and the photo used in the brochure. Or the student may illustrate their camp using colored pencils or watercolors and use these instead.  * Note: Camps should be designed before starting the brochure. See challenge on creating a Adirondack Great Camp.

3. History of one of the Adirondack Great Camps.  Students  research information about one of the 50 Adirondack Great Camps. The information they collect is then used as the history of their camp. Students substitute the name they created in place of the Great Camp name. Another option, is to just use the Great Camp name as their camp name if they can justify selecting it. Technology is involved not only for the research, but the writing and implementing of name.

4. A description of facilities. Students should have an understanding of the Adirondack Style of both architecture and decorative arts and the appeal it has for the visitor to the Adirondacks. Discuss why the social elite and wealthy people of the 1900's were drawn to the area.

5. Photos or illustrations of the area, as well as a written description. Photos may be taken by students or drawn students looking at photos. Another option is for students to cut photos from old Adirondack Life magazines. Students shouls write a location description based on their observations and experience of living in the beautiful Adirondacks. What do they love and appreciate about the area they live in ? How would they describe it to someone who lives outside the area ?

6. A map with the location indicated and a written text giving directions to the camp. This segment teaches important map reading skills, understanding the size of the Adirondack Park and the location. Learning to give directions !

7. Activities and recreation should be described in the brochure. A reflection of the many activities available in the Adirondacks may get students to think twice the next time they say " there's nothing to do here" !

8. Art learning skills. Topics to be covered:

    • olor schemes and application of color for impact,
    • Layout basics such as equal internal and external margins
    • bleed photos, overlapping of photos, etc.
    • use of rule lines and other graphics for impact and emphasis
    • lettering skills using guidelines and calligraphy pens

An Arts Forever Wild Challenge

Quality Standards:

!. Students created a brochure "selling" a visit or stay in the Adirondacks at a camp that they have  designed.  The brochure should include the following :

  • an interesting and creative way of folding
  • a name for the camp
  • history of one of the Adirondack Great Camps
  • Photos or illustration of a student designed camp
  • map with location
  • activities and recreation
  • facilities

2. Brochure should be well designed using layout basics covered in class: attracts attention, color for emphasis and harmony, positive and negative spaces relationships, bleed photos, overlapping of elements.etc.

3. Decorative graphics may be used  for enhancement: Rule lines, background shapes, decorative patterns

4. Text should be attractively written using guidelines and lettering skills or typed on the computer using interesting fonts and point sizes and then cut and pasted onto brochures. 

Product Quality Checklist
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Standard/Criteria: Points Possible: Points Awarded:

Brochure is folded in an interesting and creative way

Brochure includes a camp name (more pts. if original)

Brochure includes history of an Adirondack Great Camp

Brochure includes photo or illustration of camp

Brochure includes a description of facilities

Brochure includes a map and location description

Brochure includes recreational activities

Brochure includes photos or illustrations of area

Brochure is eye catching, attracts attention

Color plays an important role for impact

Lettering is neat and legible

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