Biological Inventory: Poster Presentation
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Grade: 9th Grade
Class: Living Environment
Author: Sandy Bureau
Indian Lake Central School
NYS Content Area Standard:
Math, Science & Technology:
Standard 1: Analysis, Inquiry and Design
NYS Interdisciplinary Standard:
Adirondack Curriculum Content Area:
Natural History
Keywords: biodiversity, nature trail, poster presentation
The Challenge:
Investigative Question or Issue: What small mammals, amphibians and soil invertebrates live on the ILCS nature trail?

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Note from the author: I used this project to teach students the basics of ecology and this worked to satisfy all of MST standards #1 and 2#. It did a better job than the “Making Connections”  lab of helping students become competent in the scientific method. I have conducted this project twice and will be doing it again, this time in the Fall of 2009. We plan to try presenting at the Northeast Natural History conference in Albany, April 2010. I have more materials that I have developed than what is included with this project on the Adirondack Curriculum Project website, so please contact me for more information!

Product of the 2008 ACP Biodiversity Workshop, funded by a grant from the New York Biodiversity Research Institute.

The Challenge:

Researchers in the Adirondack region are interested in initiating an All-Taxa Biological Inventory of the region (see attached handout #1). Indian Lake Central School Living Environment students have been invited to test a system to inventory small mammals, soil inverts and amphibians that can be used by other high school students or adult volunteers. You have now concluded your inventory for ________ on the ILCS nature trail : How should we report the findings of our study for other scientists?

Quality Standards:

Your poster will need to conform to the standards of scientific publishing as well as meeting standards of ELA. Each person will be responsible for writing at least one section of the poster.

Product Quality Checklist
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See attachment #2: Checcklist for the Poster Presentation

Attachment #3: Poster Evaluation Form for Conference Participants

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