Winslow Homer Style Landscapes
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Grade: 4th Grade
Class: Art
Author: Kelly Fitts
NYS Content Area Standard:
The Arts:
Standard 1: Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts
NYS Interdisciplinary Standard:
Adirondack Curriculum Content Area:
Culture & The Arts
Performance Indicators:

Arts 1: develop their own ideas and images through the exploration and creation of art works based on themes, symbols, and events (b

Keywords: Winslow Homer, landscape painting
The Challenge:
Investigative Question or Issue: How to artist depict their environments?

Intended as a follow-up to a lesson on watercolor techniques.

View and discuss images and information from a power point presentation about Winslow Homer's Adirondack landscapes.  Compare and contrast to The Husdon River School style.

Homer- more realistic view of nature, people interacting with the environment, close-up views The Husdson River School - more romantic view of nature, people very insignificant, large panoramic views

The Challenge:

To investigate Winslow Homer's Adirondack landscapes, comparing and contrasting to the Hudson River School style. 

To create an Adirondack landscape inspired by Homer's work which will depict people interacting with the environment .  (fishing, hiking, skiing, canoeing, rock climbing


-12 x 18 water color

-Elements of Adirondack landscape (rivers, mountains, ponds, ect.)

-Depicts people interacting with the environment (fishing, hiking, ect.)

-Use of watercolor techniques taught (ie. washes)


-David Tatham's "Winslow Homer in the Adirondacks"


- Teacher designed Power point

Quality Standards:
  1. Includes elements common to the Adirondack landscape
  2. Incorporates foreground, middle ground, and back ground
  3. Depicts people interacting with the environment
  4. Incorporates water color techniques that have previously been taught
Product Quality Checklist
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Standard/Criteria: Points Possible: Points Awarded:

Elements of ADK landscape are illustrated

Perspective is obvious (forground, mid-ground, and background)

Artwork depicts people interacting with environment

Use of watercolor techniques taught is evident

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